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Privacy policy

Collection of personal information

Personal information is deemed to be the following identifying infomation: name, username, password, email address, language, time zone, social accounts links (Facebook/Google), first login date, last login date, laws and rules that a person modifies, and search parameters that the user saves. This information is collected only when a user creates an account and logs in, updates their account information, modifies a law or rule, or chooses to save their search parameters. A user can log in using a traditional username and password, or by logging in using a social account like Facebook or Google. If a user does not log in and simply browses the website, no personal information is collected other than search parameters that the user chooses to save. The laws or rules that a user browses or searches for are NOT collected.

Use of personal information

The personal information is used in the follow senarios: To identify a user during login. To communicate with a user about any changes they propose to laws or rules. To communicate with a user about changes others propose to laws or rules. To show dates and times in a user's local timezone. The email address may in the future be used for very limited inhouse marketing purposes, but will not be shared with any external agency.

Disclosure of personal information

The Personal information will be disclosed to social account providers (Facebook or Google) if a user chooses login using that social account provider. Otherwise, no personal information will be shared with a third-party service provider, supplier, or third-party website. Personal information will be diclosed as required by subpoenas or other court orders. Note that the laws or rules that a user browses or searches for cannot be disclosed as they are NOT collected.

Rights and control of a user's personal information

A user has a right to request or delete their personal information. This can be done by emailing

Storage and security of personal information

Personal information is always transferred using SSL and stored on password secured servers. The password is secured using a one-way hashing algorithm. A cookie is used to identify a user. The only information stored on the cookie is a randomly generated key. No personal information is stored on a cookie.

Motivation behind the privacy policy

This site was designed to benefit the individual. Therefore all business and technical decisions take that into account and will not betray your trust!