Am I Allowed


This site was designed to benefit the individual. Therefore all business and technical decisions take that into account and will not betray your trust!

We do not log who searches for what. If we don't know, we can't accidentally tell or be forced to tell anyone. For example, if you search laws on murder, homosexuality, public nudity, spanking children, etc we assume that it is only so that you can be compliant with the law. It is not our place to tell the authorities (or your family members who do future searches on your phone) what you have searched on. Doing this would only betray your trust, cause you to do less searches, be more ignorant of the law and rules, and break the law more often.

We do collect general stats. For example we count the number of times each law is searched, but only as a total for all users. This is useful to tell everyone what the most commonly searched laws are, and to help with website performance. We do not log the person who performed each of these searches.

Just to be clear, if a government came to us with a legal document like a subpoena forcing us to give a list of people that searched on murder laws in an area during the 30 days before a murder was committed, we would not be able to comply as we do not store that information! If a government wanted to know the searches made by a person they arrested, again we could not help them. Of course, if they pulled apart his computer or phone they would likely find out a lot of this from his browsing history. If by chance a government body is successful in forcing us to log this personal search information for future searches, we will modify this privacy statement to warn you that we are no longer secure. Hopefully this will never happen, and we will do our best to fight it in court to prevent it.

As you could assume by the previous statements, we do not and will not sell or give away your personal information. Searching or creating an account with us will not cause you to receive spam emails trying to sell you Viagra or asking you to transfer $100 to a Tanzanian bank to claim your $10,000,000 prize.